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  • 08 / 03 / 2007

Actress Maria Santana: 93 and going strong
Maria de los Angeles Santana, National Theater Prize in 2001, and considered one Cubas most important actors of all time, celebrated her 93rd birthday Thursday among a host of artists including Rosita Fornes, Aurora Basnuevo and Mario Limonta.

Playwrights Nelson and Nicolas Dorr, "on behalf of the people of Cuba" called the actress lifes work as "intense." Hector Quintero called it a "privilege" to participate in the birthday of the diva. Renecito de la Cruz congratulated Santana in his name, on behalf of Pura Ortiz and that of the recently deceased Rene de la Cruz.

"I admire your lucidity and intensity, almost imponderable in words. May our love and applause accompany you..." said a text read by Nelson Dorr during the tribute in Havana. Maria de los Angeles Santana was born on August 2, 1914 and started her acting career in 1938.

Nelson called the actress "proverbial in the simplicity of her immense talent," and spoke of "the boundless heart of an incalculable woman."

Nicolas Dorr said Santana is "among the actresses who knows how to talk, who communicates and shows elegance and a gentleness that are rare today."

Source: Granma

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