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 Los Papines are in Havana
Los Papines are Still at their Best is the latest compact disk of the homonymous quintet that were promoted at La Pergola, in the gardens of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba.
As special guests to the appointment were the quartet Las D'Aida, under the direction of the singer Lilita Peñalver whom that day they premiered songs like Gozando a mi Manera (Enjoying on my Way), of Lazaro Orlando Mengual and Canto a mi tambor (A Song for my Drum), of Juan Almeida Bosque.
At present Los Papines are deep in the realization of the documentary film Nunca es tarde si al rumba es Buena (Its Never Too Late if the Rumba is Good) comprising 45 years of international career of the band.
The documentary will also comprise the six decades of uninterrupted work of its director Ricardo Abreu Hernandez, worldwide known as Papin.
The famous musicians are preparing a new album project that puts together several of their songs recorded with Omara Portuondo, Luis Carbonell, Celeste Mendoza, Merceditas Valdes, Lazaro Ross, Joseito Gonzalez, Felo Vergaza and Ruben Gonzalez, among others.
Los Papines were created in year 1959 -it was initially a quartet of voices and percussion - to which joined the brothers Luis, Alfredo, Jesus, and Ricardo Abreu. The group belonging to the Musical Promoting Company Ignacio Pineiro holds a repertoire that shifts among the lines of Afro-Cuban melodies, emphasizing the rumba made in an original way and with unconventional elements.
Source: Cubasi

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