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Panama takes another look at Posada's case

The obscure legal manoeuvres that led to the release in Panama of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to assassinate President Fidel Castro, recaptured Monday Panamanians' attention.

The conservative Panamanian newspaper La Prensa ran a front page article entitled "Luis Posada Case Comes to Life." It features the official explanation given by former Interior Minister Hector Aleman about former President Mireya Moscoso's pardon granted to Posada.

Aleman tries to exonerate six former officials who will be appearing before the 12th Penal Court in Panama City next August 14th, to determine if they will be tried for corruption and false testimony.

Posada and his accomplices Pedro Crispin Remon, Gaspar Jimenez and Guillermo Novo were pardoned, released from prison, given travel documents and taken out of Panama by plane, long before the questionable pardon was to be published in the Official Gazette.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba.

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