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Raul Castro presides tribute to Frank Pais
Cuban First Vice President Raul Castro presided over a concert Sunday in tribute to Frank Pais on the 50th anniversary of his murder by henchmen of the Batista dictatorship. Frank Pais was one of the most important leaders of the underground July 26th Movement.

Frank Fernandez, under the conduction of Guido Lopez Gavilan, pleased those present at the Dolores Concert Hall in Santiago de Cuba, with his virtuoso mastery of several original and international scores. Fernandez played the piano accompanied by the Oriente Symphony Orchestra and musicians Fernando Munoz, Harold Ricardo and Alina Neira.

An especially moving moment came when Fernandez played the patriotic song El Mambi, which he dedicated to two beloved revolutionary friends of his.

Raul Castro addressed the public at the conclusion of the cultural program, recalling his childhood days at the Dolores School. He expressed his joy at being once again in the heroic city of Santiago and sent warm greetings to all its residents.

The first vice president was accompanied by politburo members Misael Enamorado Dager and Ramon Espinosa Martin; as well as cultural personalities including Asela de los Santos, Julio Camacho Aguilera, Armando Hart; and other distinguished combatants of the Rebel Army, the July 26th Movement and the clandestine struggle against the Batista dictatorship.


More than 100,000 people from Santiago de Cuba, the nations second largest city, are expected to pay tribute Monday to the martyrs of the Cuban Revolution on occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Frank Pais Garcia and Raul Pujol Arencibia.

The traditional pilgrimage begins at Cespedes Park and will end with a political-cultural activity at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, where an eternal flame will be lighted in front of the mausoleum that holds the remains of National Hero Jose Marti. A plaque will be unveiled with the following inscription: "To all those who have fallen in defense of their homeland, from the beginning of the war of independence until today, and to those who gave their lives in helping other sister nations."

At exactly 5:00 a.m., surviving combatants of the underground struggle and the Rebel Army, accompanied by a representation of the new generations, will place a floral wreath at the home where Frank Pais was born. The house was recently restored.

The people of Santiago de Cuba will also gather at the Callejon del Muro where Frank Pais and his close comrade Raul Pujol were assassinated on July 30, 1957, to pay tribute to the two heroes.

From there, the people will walk to the Placita de los Martires, a place often visited by Frank Pais and his comrades from the July 26th Movement. There, in a solemn ceremony, 50 young people will receive their Communist Youth credentials.

Between flowers and tributes, several other places will also be part of the homage. These include: the Frank Pais Hill, located at the entrance to the Santiago de Cuba harbor; the house that served as the headquarters for the November 30, 1956 uprising; the monument to the drivers killed on the Morro road; the home of Heroine Vilma Espin; the Museum of the Revolutionary Clandestine Struggle; and the number three guard post of the former Moncada military barracks.

Source: By José Antonio Torres, Granma

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