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New electric smelter to begin operation in Cuba
The Jose Marti Steel Mill, formerly also known as the Antillana de Acero, will begin soon begin operating a new electric steel smelter once the required final tests are conducted.

This will conclude the first stage of the modernizing process of this industrial installation that belongs to the Acinox group of the Ministry of the Steel and Mechanical Industries.

The new electric oven will cut in half the estimated time for each liquid steel melting operation.

Engineer Boris Tamayo Ferrer, who is in charge of the Integrated Projects Directorate, told Granma that the replacement of the old smelter by this high-technology unit will make it possible to increase productivity by cutting in half the estimated time for each operation to produce a batch of liquid steel. At the same time, the melting capacity of 70 tons per load will be retained.

This, he said, will also have a social impact, as it will humanize the work of the operators and provide more output to respond to the growing demand for re-bars used for the construction of homes and other building programs of the "Battle of Ideas."

The investment process, in which practically all enterprises that form part of the Acinox Group have participated, began in mid-June with the replacement of a transformer with a new one with a 72 megavolt ampere capacity, something that will mean a savings in electricity - the most relevant energy source used at the plant.

Other investments also made have included the rebuilding of the electricity sub-station that provides power to the smelter and its associated equipment, and maintenance done on water wells and water supply equipment.

Julio Garcia Oliva, the company's production manager, explained that complete repair of machinery for handling molten steel was also implemented, something that will reduce down time by increasing the reliability of the equipment. This too improving working conditions and the overall quality of the products: such as re-bars, square round and plainteel beams, as well as angle stock and heavy steel wire.

With these investments , the Antillana de Acero production complex, together with the smaller Acinox Tunas plant, are aiming at reaching an annual steel production level of half a million tons.

Source: By Lourdes Pérez Navarro, Granma

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