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Can ones values be learned from a textbook or at a meeting? With this question, Roberto Sánchez Figueras, first secretary of the provincial UJC, brought the local General Evaluation Meeting back onto the right tack. «We have to stop theorizing, he said, or thinking that we can teach a student the proper values just by making him read a book.

Our values sprout from the example we set, as we prove able to be demanding and develop a fighting spirit, have influence upon our families and communities, and promote specific activities and tasks to reinforce our youths efforts and will and the sense of responsibility we want to instill in them...»

The truth is, even if the speeches delivered by about 20 of the 300 delegates attending the meeting were essentially on a par with their leaders words, the situations they described made it clear as well that they must leave aside any trends to oversimplify these matters in practice, lest their progress come to a standstill.

In this, like in all other similar meetings I have attended lately, those who represented UJC cells in educational centers were the only ones to provide real examples of how they try to learn more every day and work hard to turn their morning briefings into history lessons, make their professors be a mirror of the students, and help their parents be a better formative influence on tomorrows generations.

On the other hand, as the speakers revealed, there are sectors where all reflections on this issue seem to be destined only for meetings and theoretical conferences. «We must not be satisfied with attaining the numerical goals expected from us», said Wilber Grant, a delegate to the Palma Soriano meeting, his statement a well-aimed definition of the right course to follow. No doubt, however, the key to youths successful work, which the Revolution defends tooth and nail, was best pinpointed by Aramís Reyes, who for 12 years has been the leader of his grassroots cell at Barrancas, a Base Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) [Cuba's agricultural cooperatives, which have largely replaced state farms in this sector of the economy. wl.].

He talked about rigorousness, integrality and systematic work as he depicted the daily routine he and his comrades carry out beyond the framework of meetings and assignments, be it organizing a presentation, filling water trucks to service their community whenever needed, or conducting military drills in their very out-of-the-way town. «Its about not repeating things until our members are blue in the face. Instead, it's about getting really involved with them,», Aramís remarked in his usual good-natured way as he called a spade a spade. Its the only way to sow convictions and preserve the homeland.

Source: By Odalis Riquenes Cutiño, Juventud Rebelde

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