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Cubas Driulis Gonzalez grabs her fourth Pan American Gold

Driulis Gonzalez and the history of womens judo in Cuba and around the world has just marked a performance that has moved the sport closer to perfection on the Japanese tatami mat.

The Cuban judoka added one more award to her four Olympic and three other Pan Am medals on Saturday after defeating Brazilian Danielli Barbosa by one ippon (point) in the 63 Kg finals.

Driulis never hurried. Given her reserves, she had all the time of the world to decide when was the exact moment. She moved a great deal and sporadically held down her rival, allowing the latter to attempt all types of unsuccessful holds and throws.

However, Driulis proved herself too strong and immovable for Barbosa, who was penalized with one shido. The Cuban judoka increased her advantage thanks to sanctions imposed on her opponent. She moved from «koka to yuko» and from «yuko to wazzari.» In this situation, and only 40 seconds before the end of the combat, the Brazilian judoka could only go for a life saving ippon " which of course never came.

Thirty-four-old Cuban judoka Driulis Gozalez prepared herself for the final counterattack with her innate skills and craftiness. She waited for Barbosas next attack and threw her to the floor with a sogo-gachi technique. At that point, it was only necessary for the referee to watch the clock and count the seconds to mark another wazzari, which automatically became an ippon.

In the overall Pan Am judo competition, Cuba also won three bronze medals, by Yagnelis Mestre (57 Kg), Ronald Girones (73 Kg) and Oscar Cardenas (81 Kg).

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