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New cuban ambassadors reaffirm fidelity to the Revolution

A group of 22 new Cuban ambassadors took oaths remain faithful to the countrys revolution and its leadership, in a ceremony on Saturday in Havana conducted at the Jose Marti memorial in Revolution Square.

Foreign Relations Minister Felipe Perez Roque and other high officials of the state and the government presided over the act of formalizing the commitment of the Cuban diplomats, reported Prensa Latina news agency.

On behalf of those designated as plenipotentiary representatives of the island, Manuel Aerie highlighted such efforts to defend a nation that is both free and besieged as being one of the most compelling missions of a revolutionary.

«We will win peoples hearts and souls. We will not make alliances with the powerful, but with the poor and just, and we will not cede an inch in our principles,» he asserted.

Aerie also recalled recent international victories by the island, such as the sweeping vote in the UN against the blockade and the defeat of anti-Cuban machinations at the Human Rights Commission in Geneva " accomplishments, he emphasized, that grant more prestige to the socialist island.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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