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Malecon in Habana
In the short winter of the island, the furious north waves rush towards the wall and many times, they overcome it. The rest of the days the Malecon is used not only to hold the waves but also he becomes by idiosyncrasy a place of gathering Cubans and visitors on this wall, source of artist inspirations like poems, paintings, photos among others. There, people use to talk, love, cool themselves with the breeze, relax, meet other people and say good-bye. It does not matter the age or the social class, there we can find from children playing to adults making exercises or a trio singing a good bolero.

During the carnivals of Havana, the promenades of floats and groups take place in Malecon where the major festive areas are located. In addition, when the political conflict with United States gets worse, the Cuban people march protesting before the Interest Section of U.S in the country.

Other important places like Riviera, Nacional, Deauville Hotels as well as monuments to important figures of the independence war, parks, shops, gastronomic services etc. are positioned along the Havana Malecon. Other citys main arteries such as Infanta, Galiano, Belascoain, Paseo del Prado, Línea Street, 5th avenue or the famous Rampa of 23 Street in Vedado converge in this road. The offices of the international airlines, the Hermanos Ameijeiras hospital, the amphitheatre of old Havana, El Gato Tuerto night center and Focsa building are also very close to Malecon.

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