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Its been sixty-seven years since Giselle was performed for the first time at Paris Opera House, and its still drawing the audiences attention.

This choreography was interpreted once again by the Cuban National Ballet Company, receiving a great ovation from the public of Paris.

The public that attended that night the "Grand Palais" of the Enlightened City, surrendered, once more, before the virtuosity of the Cuban dancers, whom they applauded during nine consecutive minutes.

Giselle", an original work by the French writer, poet and literary critic, Teofile Gautier, always returns to stage, but on this occasion, under the guidance of the our prima ballerina assolutta and Director of the Cuban National Ballet, Alicia Alonso.

The public that crowded the "Grand Palais" during the opening ceremony of the Summer Dance Festival, highly praised the excellent performance of the main figures, Anette Delgado and Joël Carreño.

These two young dancers, who interpreted so well this sensitive love story, joined the Cuban ballerina assolutta, Alicia Alonso at the end of the performance, to better perceive the people shouts of Bravo! and an ovation that never seemed to come to an end.

"Giselle" has been performed by exceptional dancers along the history, among whom are: Carlota Grissi, Fanny Elssler, Ana Pavlowa and Alicia Alonso herself. Anette Delgado registered her name this time with signs of admiration.

Arts critics, specialized media journalists and French intellectuals were very generous regarding the Cuban Ballet performance, which was tinged with a "soirée" by midnight hour, to celebrate the great beginning of the dance season.

The Cuban National Ballet Company succeeded last week with its performances in Perpignan and Vaison La Romaine, at the South of France, which was interpreted by the main figures Viengsay Valdés and Romel Frómeta (in Perpignan), and Hayna Gutiérrez and Hangups Domitro (in Vaison La Romaine).

The Cuban Dancing Company will continue its performances in Paris up to August 3, also including the choreography "Don Quixote", as well as several relevant lectures and colloquiums.

Source: Cubarte

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