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 50th anniversary of Ches rise to Commander of the Revolution

"Appoint him Commander", was Fidel Castros reply to the question that Frank Pais had asked him about the proper military degree equivalent to Che Guevaras hard-earned military experience.

The two leaders that usually exchanged simulated written information on scheduled revolutionary actions so determined Ches military ranking on July 21, 1957. The event turns 50 years today.

The Argentinean - Cuban Guerrilla-Fighter himself left account of the occasion in his book Memorias Pasajes de la Guerra Revolucionaria (1956-1958) that the magazine Verde Olivo of the insurgent Rebel Army published in 1963.

Guevara was one of the chronicles of the revolutionary fight in the mountains. Later another one, Commande Alberto Bayo wrote the book entitled Mi aporte a la Revolución cubana (1959) compiling testimonies of the Granma yacht expeditionaries.

"We also sent Carlos - Frank País' nickname in the underground life - best regards and acknowledgement for his effort to the armed cause, without knowing he was rather living his last hours. All the leaders that then knew to read and write signed in indication of their acceptance of Fidels proposal)", retold later the Commander who was killed in La Higuera, Bolivia, many years afterwards.

"The document shows the combatants' signatures divided into two columns. Fidel signed second. This is how in a rather informal and very peculiar way I became Commander of the Second Front of the Rebel Army, later named Column No. 4".

Che had been onboard Granma yacht used to transport 82 fighters of the Cuban Revolution who landed on the island coast on Dec 2, 1956. he was the doctor of the insurrectionary troop.

Couragouness and intelligence, two of Ches most prominent attributes revealed as no other in the battles of Alegría de Pío, La PLata, Arroyo del Infierno, la sorpresa de Altos de Espinosa and Uvero.

He himself described those days as "moments that marked the guerrillas middle age".

Thereafter pages of glory he and his soldiers performed made the historical invasion to the West passing through the city of Las Villas in August 1958, when they experienced a stunning armed action that hit to death Batistas dictatorship.

In 1959, Che Guevara image had grown higher in the revolutionary party, whose contribution to develop the countrys economy was part of the example his work and humanism set.

His ideas of the need to develop "a new man" are among most advanced principles of the communist Social Sciences and expresses the essence of the true Cuban Revolution.

Source: By Jorge Smith, CubaSi

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