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uba to Increase wind power generation
By the end of the decade, Cuba could see its power-generating capacity increase through the use of wind energy by some 300 MW a year -- output close to that of a major regional generating plant. This eco-friendly power source is under study on the island as part of the nation's "energy revolution."

The director of the Cuban Electric Union's Wind Engineering Group, Eduardo Sante Fernandez, said Cuba expects to generate more than 11.5 MW from wind power in 2008.

The island's first experimental wind farm was built in 1999 on the island of Turiguano and has a power generating capacity of 4.5 MW. The same experience was later extended to Gibara, Holguin (5.1 MW) and to the Island of Youth (1.65 MW.)

The Cuban government, which is conducting a feasibility study on the use of wind power generation, has already created an eolian map identifying the energy potential of wind across the island. With this guide, the placement of additional wind farms can be appropriately located.

In 11 of the country's 14 provinces there also exist 92 eolian prospecting stations, each with 100-meter-high sensors. Another 20 stations record the energy potential of coastal winds in the eastern provinces.

Other potential eco-friendly energy sources being studied in Cuba are water currents and tides, as well as the use of photovoltaic panels and biogas in regions with no access to the national electric grid.


Source: Periodico26

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