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All Provincial Election Commissions constituted
Two hundred and ten authorities have officially joined the organization and direction of the general elections in Cuba, when the 14 provincial electoral commissions were sworn in during solemn ceremonies.


According to what is prescribed by Law, these people were designated by the National Electoral Commission, and assumed their responsibilities before the Presidents of the Provincial Assemblies of the Peoples Power.

Maria Esther Reus, the President of the National Electoral Commission, at a meeting with mass media reporters after the ceremony in the City of Havana, said that beginning Saturday 14, the 169 Municipal Electoral Commission will be created, and up to the 22nd of July the ones at district electoral level will also be organized.


Close to a million citizens, the official said, will be having a direct participation in the preparations for these general elections that will end next year: some of them as electoral authorities and others working in the required logistics support .

Source: By Julia Maria Mayoral, Periodico26

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