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200,000 mexicans read with cuban method
At least 25 of the 113 municipalities of Michoacan State in Mexico have been declared free of illiteracy through the Cuban teaching method "Yo Si Puedo (Yes I Can)."

Michoacan Gov. Lazaro Cardenas Batel presented certificates to the oldest students, representing the nearly 200,000 Michoacan residents who, thanks to their effort and dedication, learned how to read and write in the last five years.

Nuevo Parangaricutiro is the most recent to meet UNESCO-established parameters for literacy.

He particularly thanked those who took part in this Yo Si Puedo drive for their generous solidarity, based on sharing knowledge rather than on economic interest.

The governor highlighted the important contribution of Cuba's Ministry of Education in this ongoing effort in Michoacan, noting that despite the hardships caused by the continued blockade, Cuba is an example in education, health and social development.

Source: Prensa Latina

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