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The need to study indigenous cultures was stressed by Abel Prieto, Cuban Culture Minister
Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto underscored the need to boost research on the indigenous cultures of Caribbean nations to face the hegemony of world power centers.

We need to analyze and think of each detail related to our own identity, as a step towards to the safeguarding of indigenous traditions, and even the survival of the fair society we are currently building, said Abel Prieto.

During a meeting held on the occasion of the Caribbean Festival, underway in eastern Santiago de Cuba, Prieto said that both the indigenous culture of Caribbean nations and the culture of the United States are threatened by todays globalization and market policies.

The roots of US culture are also under the pressure of the big enterprises, in particular the film industry; that is why we are all on the wagon that is trying to open its way towards the preservation of our traditions, he said.

The meeting coincided with the 231st anniversary of US Independence, so participants addressed issues relevant to the cultural identity of the United States, which combines the culture and traditions of immigrants from many countries of the world.

Participants called for the joint efforts of Latin American nations to help new generations know more about local and regional traditions; they also stressed the need to reinforce the teaching of major aspects of indigenous cultures by local education systems.

Those attending the meeting agreed to dedicate the 2009 Caribbean Festival to the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, the most important cultural development in the history of Cuba.

The meeting was attended by the members of the Political Bureau of Cuba's Communist Party Esteban Lazo and Misael Enamorado, as well as by Avelino Stanley, deputy culture minister of the Dominican Republic and Daniel Guerrero, ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Havana.

Source: Cubarte

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