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Municipal elections next October in Cuba
Cubans will go to the polls next October to elect delegates to municipal government offices, a process that will be followed by the election of delegates to provincial assemblies and deputies to the Cuban Parliament.

An official note released on Monday, in which the Cuban Council of State issued a call to hold general elections in October, explains that the first round to choose municipal government assembly members will take place October 21, with a second round on October 28 for those districts whose candidates do not garner 50 percent of the valid votes during the first vote.

The date to vote for delegates to provincial governments and for deputies to the Cuban Parliament will be set later, the note release explains.

Delegates to municipal governments are chosen every two and a half years, while the members of provincial assemblies are elected for a five-year term, as established by the Cuban Constitution.

The official note also announced that the Cuban Council of State has already setup the National Electoral Commission made up of 17 members, including a president, a vice president and a secretary.

Source: By Al Games, Cubanow

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