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General elections called in Cuba
Cuba's Council of State has called general elections to choose delegates to assemblies in municipalities and provinces, as well as deputies to the national Parliament.

The call, signed by First Vice President of the Council of State Raul Castro, says that delegates to the municipality assemblies of the People's Power will be elected for a two-year and a half term.

The first round of the elections will be held in October 21 this year. In places where candidates fail to get over 50 percent of votes, there will be a second round in October 28.

According to the text, the date for the election of provincial delegates and deputies to the National Assembly will be set at the proper time.

Provincial delegates and deputies are appointed for a five-year term.

The Electoral Law of 1992 also establishes that the general elections also include the appointment of the president, vice president and secretary of the National Assembly of the People's Power (Cuban Congress), as well as the president, first vice president, vice president, secretary and remaining members of he Council of State.

Source: Prensa Latina

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