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  • 07 / 04 / 2007

The Cuban mens volleyball team fought for the wild-card berth in the World Volleyball League finals but was left out on Monday when the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) chose France.

A Federation press release stated that France would accompany Brazil, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and the United States in the final round in Katowice, Poland from July 11-15.

France got the wild card slot after finishing the qualifying round with the same record as Cuba and Finland; although on points Cuba was the top team of the three.

"The decision was very difficult for the FIVB. Cuba and Finland could have been chosen for many reasons, but there was only one vacancy and the final selection went to France," said Ruben Acosta of Mexico and the president of the Federation.

Having finished second in the finals last year could have boosted Frances selection for the wild card this year. In last years league the team coached by Philippe Blain lost to Brazil 3-2 after losing the tie-breaking fifth set 15-13. (PL)

Source: PL

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