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First Vice President Raul Castro attends Cuban Parliament's ninth ordinary session
Cuba's First Vice President Raul Castro Ruz is attending the Cuban Parliament's Ninth Ordinary Session, taking place in Havana's Convention Center.

The working agenda of the Cuban Parliament includes a document on the payments to the members of the Small Farmers Association, as well as the reports by the island's General Attorney's Office and the Supreme Court.

Over the last two days, the Cuban legislators have been briefed on the current and future development of the Ministries of Sugar and Transport. They have also assessed the situation of unpaid farmers and the progress of the Energy Revolution, underway throughout the island.

The ten permanent parliamentary commissions have also discussed issues related to productivity, social programs and services, the national economy and the country's defense.

Likewise, the Cuban lawmakers reviewed the performance of local governments in the fields of education, culture, sciences, technology and environment, healthcare and sports.

The Cuban Parliament is the State's supreme organ of power. It represents and puts into force the sovereign will of the Cuban people through elected delegates in 169 municipalities, whose term in office lasts five years.

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