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Cuba demands banking rights
Cuban deputies repudiated on Tuesday the decision of Swiss and Colombian banks to reject the payments of the Cuban Assembly of the People's Power (Parliament) to two international parliamentary bodies due to US pressure.

The legislators revealed that the 2007 payments have not been possible due to the refusal by the Swiss Bank Union and Banistmo, from Colombia, which operate accounts of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino).

The members of Cuba's National Assembly of the People's Power (Parliament) Permanent Committee on International Relations unanimously adopted a declaration denouncing the impossibility to comply with their financial commitments.

These banks, the text says, have refused to hold banking operations with Cuba, a decision that inevitably responds to brutal Washington pressures worldwide to step up its criminal blockade against Havana.

This Permanent Committee on International Relations firmly rejects these measures and denounces them before international public opinion and other parliaments worldwide for their discriminatory, illegal and unacceptable nature, the declaration adds.

"We call on the Inter-Parliamentary Union and Parlatino to adopt appropriate measures to defend the right of the Cuban Parliament," says the document, demanding that "these banking institutions fulfill their financial commitments in line with international law, establishing equality among states and respect of sovereignty and self-determination."

Source: Prensa Latina

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