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CIA Documents Confirm Assassination plans

The Central Intelligence Agency attempted to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro as well as other personalities and foreign leaders under orders from the White House. What was already presumed and denounced will now be corroborated in the content of documents to be declassified next week.

Starting Monday, hundreds of secret documents about CIA actions between 1953 and 1973 will be declassified, including evidence of the assassination plots.

"The vast majority of them [the documents] are not favorable," admitted current CIA Director Michael Hayden.

The declassification and publishing of the documents could reveal new details of the illegal activities of the spy agency in relation to events like the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal.

On the same day that the announcement was made, the website of the National Security Archive of George Washington University published a group of documents dated January 1975, in which William Colby, the CIA director at that time, refers to the assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, reported the BBC.

In a speech delivered to a group of historians who have exerted pressure in the US for a more wide-reaching publication of the CIA's classified documents, Hayden described the documents as "family jewels" and as "a glance at a very different period and a very different Agency."

Nevertheless, what is now transpiring at the White House, with its scandals, preventive wars and the order to capture "dead or alive" in the name of the war against terrorism, doesn't seem very different from the CIA past.

Source: Granma

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