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Ethanol Plant
The Cuban government was ready to transfer the sugarcane-based ethanol-making technology to Nigeria, said Elio Olivia, the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, here on Monday.

Olivia said that the development would be part of the effort to boost economic cooperation between the two countries.

Cuba was not only prepared to share its expertise in the production of varieties of sugarcane, but also in the production of alternative sources of energy with Nigeria, he added.

Cuba was ready to cooperate with the country in other areas of agricultural production, such as the cassava-based food products and cassava-to-ethanol technology, according to the ambassador.

"Nigeria being the largest producer of cassava will benefit from such an exercise at both the federal and state levels," he said.

The two countries have set to hold a session for the Nigeria- Cuba Joint Economic Commission, a bilateral economic cooperation promoting body attended by officials of both sides, in Nigeria's capital Abuja in this November to discuss possible areas of partnership.

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