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Film Festival
In an attempt to retain its primacy, Argentina is entering the Havana New Latin American Film Festival with two first works and another two as co-producer, the organizing committee revealed on Tuesday.

With a crop of new young directors in the region, intended to succeed with independent productions, "A proposito de Buenos Aires", an experimental essay played by 11 newcomers, is probably the most illustrative example.

The film proposes that city s best known places filtered through 11 views, well mixing the visual and literary elements, texts written by Macedonio Fernandez and other outstanding authors.

Argentina will also compete with "Visperas" by Daniel Goggi which together with Buenos Aires constitute the only ones entirely produced in that South American nation.

In the cases of "Hamaca Paraguaya" by Paz Encina and "La Perrera" by Uruguayan Manuel Nieto, the Argentine hand is just an ally.

Once again the intent is to boost the seventh art and continue with a tradition independent of the existing economic restrictions.

Source: Prensa Latina

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