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Over a Million Recover Their Eyesight Thanks to Operation Miracle

Operation Miracle has made possible operations on 1,003,288 patients at 49 ophthalmological centers in 31 countries on three continents by the end of 2007. Read More

Pinar del Río with high marine biodiversity

<div align="left">It is estimated that about 13 thousand marine species live in the archipelago, therefore, near 30 percent of them has not been discovered yet, especially microorganisms and deep water fauna.</div> Read More

Holguin Increased its Teledensity

This step was prompted by the installation of 3,415 new services in current and alternative lines, but a long way short of the populations needs. Read More

Cuba Begins Activities for International Year of the Planet Earth

Cuba began the activities with the International Year of the Planet Earth with several masterful conferences on the role of the geosciences in the environmental education in the society. Read More

Cuba Saves Fuel with Use of Hydro-Energy

In addition, the use of this renewable and non-pollutant source of energy also contributes to the protection of the environment. Read More

Cuban Efforts to Protect Ozone Layer Recognized

The Secretariat of the Protocol of Montreal has recognized the efforts made by Cuba in the protection of the ozone layer, said Jose Antonio Diaz, Cuban Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA). Read More

Cuban Scientists Advance in HIV Vaccine Research

According to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper, Martinez added that the safety of the product has already been tested "in animal models with very encouraging results." Read More

Effective nephrology technique applied in Pinar del Rio

At that health care institution destined to give assistance to the five eastern municipalities of the province, that indicator is of 10,9 percent, while in the United States 20 percent of the people who suffer from this condition die, specially adults who have diabetes and high-blood pressure. Read More

The aqueduct system will be declared National Monument

The fernando VII Aqueduct will also be part of the National Monument. This aqueduct was opened in 1835 to be the first one to take the water of the city through the pipes. Big estates around it used its waters for their home needs. Read More

Havana Completing New Planetarium

Work began there in 2004 under the advisory of the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment; and the Office of the City Historian and its Projects Division. Read More

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