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A New Regional Toxicology Ward and an Experimental Surgery Lab Inaugurated in Villa Clara, Cuba

The Regional Toxicology Ward and the Experimental Surgery Lab, inaugurated in the Serafín Ruiz de Zárate Higher Institute of Medical Sciences, are two essential services for public attention. Read More

The Cuban governments decision are to boost the development of biotechnology

Two years later and amid the beginning of the "special economic period" "brought on by the disappearance of the Soviet Union and European Socialist Bloc", what seemed to be a utopia became a reality, when construction began of a new locale located on the west side of the Cuban capital. Read More

Cuba Prioritizes Research Centers

Twenty-four researchers and the Center for Coastal Ecosystem Researches were also awarded with the Carlos J. Finlay Order. Read More

Cuba says nickel now top foreign exchange earner

Cuban officials have said nickel output was up 2.2 percent last year over a 2006 output of around 74,000 tonnes. Read More

Computerizing the hope

"The Geroclub project (activities for old aged people) will continue to widen during the present year, in correspondence to their interests and necessities, explained the especialist. Read More

Cuba did 557 cornea transplants in 2007

Cuban Progress in Cornea Transplants , 107 more than in 2006, and expects to extend this type or surgery to several provinces. Read More

Anti-Flu Vaccine for Cuban Elderly

Cuban health services are embarked in a nationwide vaccination campaign against flu, mainly aimed at the elderly. Read More

Vacations and Healthcare in Cuba

Cuba, which has a strategic location in the Caribbean region, offers its natural, cultural and historic wealth to foreign tourists, who can also benefit from the country's health facilities to improve their quality of life. Read More

4th National Cuban Television Festival to be announced

For this edition there were presented 262 pieces in different categories and specialties. 172 of them were nominated and 110 of them corresponded to fiction and recreational programs of reality and the rest were informational. Read More

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