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Antilles Sloth Fossil Exhibited in Havana

The 20-million-year-old fossil was one of several that have been found since the 1970s in an area known as Domo Zaza, in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spíritus. They were discovered during the excavation of a canal. Read More

Cuba Worked Intensely in Science in 2007

There was important progress against head and neck cancer with the hR3 Humanized Monoclonal Anti-Body, and the Prevenox (D003), a natural medication registered as a supplement. Read More

Fidel Castro Praises Chilean Healer

Reflections by the Commander in Chief AN EXAMPLE OF GOOD COMMUNIST BEHAVIOUR I am referring to a Chilean woman, Elena Pedraza, a highly educated specialist in rehabilitation. Read More

Cuba Makes Breakthrough Against Coronary and Parasitic Diseases

Substances that can be used to detect or treat heart and parasitic diseases have been discovered through research conducted at the Organic Synthesis Laboratory at University of Havanas School of Chemistry. Read More

Cuba Entrenches Bio-Agriculture

Chemical pesticides are not used in urban agriculture, while extensive crops of cabbage and sweet potato are protected exclusively. Read More

To replace imports, efficiency and saving

At the end of December the territory ended the first national phase of the XVI Forum, which is the third for Pinar, with 2 410 base encounters and 14 municipal plenary sessions. Read More

A Cuban Educational Intranet?

However, for an average student in Cuba, the problem is not only pressing, but has reached critical proportions; so much so that it doesnt even need mentioning. Read More

Cuban Intellectuals Consider the 2007 As a Year of Important Cultural Debates

The Cuban artists and writers have debated the bureaucratic difficulties that affect the culture, until big topics in the complex global world, the defense of the identity and the barriers related with the artistic creation, the communication, and the market of the art. Read More

Pollution lowers in Cuban Mountains

More than 37 % of forest areas in the island are located in the mountain ranges of Guaniguanico (western region), Bamburanao and Guamuhaya (central), Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa and Sierra Maestra (eastern). Read More

Cuba Uses More Fuel Oil in Power Plants

So far, 77 million of a 91-million-peso budget have been invested in the project, whose magnitude can be measured by its generation capacity of 142.2 megawatts. Read More

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