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Cuban children's theatre company La Colmenita in Russian Theatre Fest

The Cuban children's theatre company, La Colmenita (the small beehive), will participate in the 10th World Festival of Theatre for Children, to be held in July 17 to 25 in this Capital, confirmed today the organizing committee.<br /> Read More

Polichinela Theatre Company Wins Prizes in Santiago de Cuba

Actors and actresses of the Polichinela children theatre company from Ciego de Ávila, the central Cuban province, are delighted to come home after having won three prizes at the 15th Mahogany Mask National Theatre Festival, with habitual venue in Santiago de Cuba.   Read More

In Holguín, Cuba: Luis Alberto García and Jorge Perugorría received the replica of the Angelote

The actors Luis Alberto García and Jorge Perugorría received here the replica of the Angelote, the highest award given by culture in this eastern city.<br /> Read More

The Cuban Theatre Group, Las Estaciones Tour of Through Spain and France

<br /> The Cuban theatre group, Las Estaciones will make an international tour between the 23rd of July and the 3rd of August through Spain and France, announced Rubén Darío Salazar, director of the group in the western Cuban province of Matanzas.<br /> Read More

Nominated for Canadian Dora Awards Lizt Alfonso Ballet

The Lizt Alfonso Ballet Company was founded in 1991 and its main goal was to train young female dancers in regional dances from the Iberoamerican peninsula in Europe Read More

In the Divine Filotea Participates Cuban Actor Vladimir Cruz

In interview for Cubasi, the David of Strawberry and Chocolate assured that “it has been a strange and important opportunity to make this religious play and above all that in Spain, with a Spanish group and with one of the directors who best teaches and reads the verse. Read More

Colombian Stage Director Doctor Honoris Causa in ceremony was attended by Cuban Culture minister

Colombian Stage Director Santiago García, director of the group La Candelaria, was granted an honorary Doctor of Arts title by the García said he was very happy to receive the award on behalf of all the members of his theatre group La Candelaria, with whom he has worked for over 40 years in the vanguard of Latin American theatre. Read More

Brazilian Troupe at Havanas Theater Season

The exquisite sensitivity and humor of circus performance was brought to Havanas Mella Theater by Brazils Udi Grudi Comic Musical Theater. Read More

Cuban Child Theater Group "La Colmenita" Backs Turkish Partners

The Cuban child theater company &quot;La Colmenita&quot; ended its tour of Turkey with sound success among the public. Read More

A documentary on the tour of the cuban's theater company "La Colmenita" to be shot

The theater company La Colmenita finished their participation on the fourth edition of the International Festival of Childrens Theater in this capital city, even though their tour around the country lasted until May 4. Read More

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