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The Play Ceniciento, Free Version Based on the Classic Short Story for Children in Las Tunas, Cuba.

This play made its debute two years ago, as a version by Ernesto Parra, director of the group and is located among the most popular of Teatro Tuyo, because it is an updated proposal from the medieval period, but takes place in a rare Cuban 21st century, with its moral and economic crises that locate the spectator in his own space. Read More

Association of Writers and Artists from Cuba informed that there are five who are nominated to the Caricato Award

They are: Carlos Díaz for Fedra with Teatro El Público; Francisco Rodríguez for Balada del marino with the group Mirón cubano and Julio César Ramírez for El cerco de Leningrado with Teatro D'Dos. Read More

With applauses, the Cuban children's theater company La Colmenita concluded a Portugal's tour

The tour also included cities of Lisbon, Santiago do Cacem, Aljustrel, Vendas Novas, Alandroal, Villareal de San Antonio, Guimaraes and Moita. Read More

Cuban play writer José Milián to win National Theater Award

Among the nominated to the 2008 National Theater Award were other personalities such as the play writers Nelson Dorr and Gerardo Fulleda as well as the actresses Adria Santana and Corina Mestre. Read More

La Colmenita succeeds once again in Seville

"La Colmenita" performs in Seville again. Boys, girls and adults filled the room with the sight on the stage. Read More

Children on stage, La Colmenita, the only Cuban theater company made up by children

The only Cuban theater company made up by children, La Colmenita (The small beehive), will take on stage on the year 2008 a show centered in the work of the famous singer and composer Silvio Rodríguez. Read More

Ambassadors of smiles, La Colmenita attacks again

La Colmenita acts again in Seville. Boys, girls and adults packed the room with their eyes on the stage. December is somewhat grey and rainy in Seville but nobody stays at home. Read More

Delirio habanero in Venezuela

After making their presentations in the stateof Barinas and Lara, Teatro de la Luna was presented in Guanare, the capital of Portuguesa, the main venue of the Theatre Festival of the West, with their famous play Delirio Habanero, by Alberto Pedro and under the direction of Raúl Martín. Read More

Cuban Company La Colmenita: 365 presentations in the year

The group, that received last October the title Goodwill Ambassador of the UNICEF, will make a tour through the zones affected in eastern Cuba by he rains of the tropical storm Noel. Read More

Havana to Stage German Theater

Season of theater dedicated to Germany, sponsored by seven Cuban companies. Next week in Havana, German playwrights Marius von Mayenburg and Thomas Ostermeier will participate in a season of theater dedicated to their country, sponsored by seven Cuban companies. Read More

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