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National Theater Festival in Camagüey Province of Cuba

The Cuban city of Camagüey will again host the National Theater Festival 2008, set for September 12th through the 21st. The event, created 25 years ago, is considered the most important of its type in Cuba. Read More

La Colmenita, the cuban children theatre company at the Karl Marx

La Colmenita, the children theatre company which has made different tours in Spain, Japan, Venezuela, Panama, Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Turkey, the USA and Denmark, among many other countries will make a presentation in Cuba. Read More

Theater Festival will bring together 18 companies to Camaguey, Cuba

The 2008 Camaguey Theater Festival will bring together 18 companies from September 12 to 21 in a new edition of the most important national event of its type. Read More

A Palace for the Cuban Theater

The Bertolt Brecht Cultural Centre exhibits by these days the triumphant look of a relieving remodeling. Read More

Two cuban coincident events commemorated on the same day: Teatro Estudio and the Escambray

When they become routine, commemorations lose efficacy, reduce to foreseeable formalities or to nostalgic old men´s meetings. Their true and productive utility manifests itself when reactivating the memory in terms of a fruitful second reading of the present. Read More

In Havana New Version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This classic written by French Victor Hugo will staged until September 7th , in the Amphitheater of the historic area of Havana, by a group of youngsters for whom performing is the reason of their lives. Read More

The street-theater group “Gigantería” (Giantness) burst onto the Havana art scene eight years ago in the city’s oldest square

The street-theater group “Gigantería” (Giantness) burst onto the Havana art scene eight years ago in the city’s oldest square, Plaza de Armas. The collective continues to demonstrate that theater can be pushed beyond stage sets and drop curtains. Read More

Cuban children’s theatre company La Colmenita Triumphs in Russia

The Cuban children’s theatre company was chosen to close the Tenth World Children’s Theatre Festival, held in Moscow, with the performance of Cinderella According to the Beatles Read More

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