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Cuban dramatist is nominated to the 2008 Great Britain writers award

The piece Cuba, mi amor, written by the English scriptwriter Jenny Bucmanck and the Cuban dramatist Ulises Rodríguez is nominated to the 2008 Great Britain writers award. Read More

13th Havana Theatre Festival

The Cuban National Council on Performing Arts (CNAE) is inviting artists from around the world to take part in the 13th Havana’s International Theatre Festival, dedicated to the 50 years of Cuban Theatre under the Revolution. Read More

Cuban Artistic Brigade in Camagüey

Cuban artistic brigade “Martha Machado” started a tour on the affected zones by Hurricane Paloma in the Cuban central eastern province of Camaguey Monday. Read More

In Cuba: 3rd Encounter of young choreographers Impulsos

Danza-Teatro Retazos is calling to participate in the 3rd Encounter of young choreographers Impulsos, from November 28 and 29, 2008. Read More

Dance season in Cienfuegos, Cuba

The dance season of the Tomas Terry theatre will take place with a wide program of shows that will be extended until the end of November. Read More

Tribute at the Sauto theatre to a famous Cuban dramatist

The presentation in this city of the play Epitafio para un zapato vivo, by the theatre group Teatro D Sur, was a pretext to pay tribute to Pedro Vera, director of the group. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: Theater Stage Begins

The homage of the theater for the 14th anniversary of the Grupo Teatral Huellas and of the competition of performance Blanca Becerra begins with the play Saquemos los trapos al sol (Eliciting Your Secrets) that could be enjoyed in the cinema-theater 28 de septiembre of this city. Read More

La Colmenita Cuban`s Children Theater Company Performs for Hurricane Victims

`My name is Claribel and I`m the cultural promoter of this area called Manuel Sanguily. The children are on their way here. The group will have to perform next to the bakery. Read More

La Colmenita: An example of values and rights of childhood

The representative of UNICEF in Cuba, José Ortiz, stated here that the children’s theater Company La Colmenita, Ambassador of Good Will, is a true example of the values and rights of childhood.<br /> Read More

In Cuba: The 2008 Camaguey Theater Festival has been postponed

The 2008 Camaguey Theater Festival scheduled for September 12 to 21 has been postponed due to the damage to the installations to be used caused by Hurricane Ike.<br /> Read More

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