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Cuban Electoral Tools Up and Running

On election day, Cubans will vote for 1,201 delegates to the 14 provincial assemblies, renewable every 2.5 years, and 614 parliamentary deputies, who will assume their posts for five years. Read More

Cuba and Chile Inaugurate Direct Flights

The first flight, an IL-96 Cubana jetliner, took off from the Chilean capital with 230 passengers on board. Read More

Cuba Shows Slight Advances in the Construction of Housings

"The collapse of the socialist field - from where a big amount of the materials came -, the imperialistic blockade that makes the products more expensive, the scourge of eight hurricanes. Read More

Amnesty International calls for U.S. to Close Down Guantánamo Prison

The head of the organization in Spain also mentioned that they are set to stage other events in order to ensure that this subject is tackled in the presidential campaigns in the United States. Read More

Brazilian President Scheduled to Visit Fidel Castro Next Week

This will be the second trip for Lula to Cuba after he travelled to the island in September of 2003. In that occasion, the Brazilian leader signed cooperation agreements in the fields of finances, agriculture, health and tourism. Read More

Havana's Hotel Infrastructure to Grow

The city offers 12,325 rooms distributed in 62 hotels, and generates 33 percent of the country's tourist revenues. Read More

Cuban cultural embassy on tour around Venezuela

This experience is being repeated for the fifth year in a row and it adds troubadours, improvisers, comedians, poetry readers and small musical bands which at the start of the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution. Read More

New services for the people of Camagüey due to 49th anniversary of the Revolution

Six houses were given to the same number of families in this young municipality, created in 1976, what completed the annual plan of 170 houses, after restoring and preserving another 285 more. Read More

Cuban Cocktails Promoted Worldwide

The initiative, with a strong impact on Europe, was sponsored Sunday by producers and commercializers of Havana Club by a communiqué. Read More

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