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Cuban Electoral Tools Up and Running
Cuba has activated all the mechanisms of its electoral system, one week from the general elections on January 20.

Authorities from the National Electoral Commission pointed out a dynamic exercise is being held today, with nearly 39,000 polling stations checking their conditions, the communications system, and electoral rolls.

Of the over 8.3 million Cubans ready to vote nationwide, more than one million will do so for the first time in this kind of election.

The over 190,000 Cubans supporting the elections watch over the compliance of the Electoral law precepts, and complementary regulations.

Officials from the National Candidature Commission recently said that nearly 1.7 million Cubans have attended meetings with candidates in communities, schools, and workplaces.

The idea, they explained, is to take advantage of each space to spread information on the men and women to be elected at the polls, and thus facilitate the full exercise of that right.


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