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Fidel Castro Sends Message to Cuban Parliament

In his message Fidel acknowledges the work of Cuban parliamentarians in the face of accumulated and increasing needs inherited by Cuban society from the US neo-colonial rule on January 1st, 1959. Read More

Cuban Go-Carting Championships Wind Down

The next national championship will begin in March, 2008The next national championship will begin in March. Read More

Tourist Resort of Cayo Largo Ready for High Season

A group of tour-operators and representatives of Cuban tourist groups, were able to see for themselves, in situ, that the main tourist resort of the Isle of Youth Special Municipality. Read More

30th Anniversary of Antonio Maceo Brigade Celebrated

Composed of Cuban emigrants in the United States, the brigade celebrated the 30th anniversary of its first trip to Cuba, an action that brought about a series of events aimed at normalizing relations between the Cuban government and its emigrants. Read More

Camagüey takes actions favouring the protection of turtles

The Ministry of Fishery in Cuba (MIP) promotes actions among the people living in the coastal areas toward the preservation of the turtle, an endangered marine specie. Read More

Relatives of Cuban Five Meet with Nordic Solidarity Brigade

Relatives of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States met on Thursday with the members of the 48th contingent of the Nordic Brigade in Solidarity with Cuba. Read More

Cambodian Boxers in Cuban Boxing School

Cuban Ambassador Gilda Lopez highlighted the traditional relations of friendship between the two countries and the significance of signing the agreement. Read More

Camping Fun for A Million Cubans

The increased demand means 79 of the country"s existing facilities are now insufficient, he noted. Read More

Operation Miracle Benefits One Million People

Those free eye surgeries allowed people from 28 countries of the so called Third World to recover their vision or heal from different ophthalmological problems. Read More

Mercantile Production Increases in Las Tunas this Year

The systematic work of several industries of the metallurgy and of the construction, in this eastern province of Las Tunas facilitated an increment of the mercantile production in 68. 8 million Cuban pesos in this year in connection with the same period of 2006. Read More

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