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Cuban cultural embassy on tour around Venezuela

The brigade was received by diplomatic representatives as well as representatives from the different social Cuban missions who are offering their services in Venezuela, who offered information on the internationalist contribution of the Cuban collaborators and their impact on Venezuelan society, especially in those sectors that have been historically more excluded.

During a time when the bagpipe is almost a must all around Venezuela, a Cuban cultural embassy reached the South American country and almost immediately got dispersed around its 24 states in order to take their art to the workers and collaborators from the island who are currently working in the land of the Liberator.

Made up by almost a hundred artists, the brigade is called De tu querida presencia (From your dear presence), in memory of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, an animator of Cuban internationalist vocation which is currently extended to many countries from several continents and whose birth, eighty years ago will be celebrated next June 14, 2008.

Organized into six groups to facilitate the movement all over the country since December 26 and until January 2, the artistic group has programmed many presentations in front of Cuban personnel and many Venezuelan people who are usually related to the collaboration programs in the country.


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