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Distressed Chinese ship was heading for Cuba

The Coast Guard says a damaged Chinese cargo ship that's making an unscheduled stop on Oahu was heading to Cuba among other spots in the Caribbean before it ran into trouble. Read More

Opportune diagnoses for the health

Among the participant reports in the Tenth Fifth National Forum of Science and Technique, it is the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Sancti Spíritus, on the production of pregnancy diagnosticians and rotavirus. Read More

Science and Technology Forum opens in Havana

The ongoing national energy program, known here as the Energy Revolution, is on the spotlight of the 15th Science and Technology Forum, underway since Tuesday in Havana. Cuban innovators will make over 1000 presentations in three different commissions during the forum, Council of State official Eugenio Mainegra told PL news. Read More

Cuba has more than 8000 Science PhDs

In the last three decades, since creation of the national science degree committee, Cuba has trained more than 8,000 doctors of sciences, and 60 percent of their theses have been defended in the country. Doctor Carlos Peniche Covas, secretary of this working group, told press it has been implementing the national policy in relation to scientific degrees since March 17, 1977. Read More

Cuba looks at science and technology

Innovators throughout the country meet Tuesday in the 15th Science and Technology Forum of Cuba, this time centered on the island's energy revolution. According to Eugenio Mainegra, official of the Republic of Cuba's Council of State, the main issues of the event are Energy saving, efficiency and renovable energies." Read More

Cuban Environmental Program wins UN Award

The annual award of the Small Donations Program went to a program for reducing pollution in Guantanamo City. An environmental program aimed at reducing the level of pollution in the Sur-Isleta neighborhood of Guantanamo City was awarded the annual award of the Small Donations Program (SDP) of the UN, according to local Venceremos newspaper. Read More

More natural areas protected in Cuba

The development and strengthening of protection systems in natural areas with more biodiversity are today a priority for Cuba, Reynaldo Estrada, director of the National Protected Areas Center (CNAP) said in this city. The official told Prensa Latina that the CNAP efforts are aimed to protect systems guaranteed by park rangers. Read More

Cuban women to participate in Forum

The Cuban woman will have a more active participation in the XV National Forum of Science and Technique that will start on Tuesday in this capital. More than 100,000 women launched their projects of solution to the problems in different branches of economy Read More

New Fauna Species Found in Cuba

Four new species of cockroaches, one of lizards and another four of spiders were found in Cuba and have been reported for the first time in the world. Natural History Museum scientists, Giraldo Alayon, Esteban Gutierrez and Luis Manuel Diaz, made the discovery said Specialist Alives Polo, who works at that institution of the Cuban Ministry of Sciences, Technology and the Environment. Read More

Santiago de Cuba a Leader in clinical trials

The Cuban biotech industry is off to a roaring start in 2007 with close to 40 clinical trials underway in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba to evaluate products to treat cancer and other diseases. Clinical trials for products to cancer of the head, neck, lungs, breasts, prostate, esophagus and intestines, are being held along with trials to test pharmaceuticals in the treatment of hepatitis B and C, diabetic foot and other diseases. Read More

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