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Four new species of cockroaches, one of lizards and another four of spiders were found in Cuba and have been reported for the first time in the world.

Natural History Museum scientists, Giraldo Alayon, Esteban Gutierrez and Luis Manuel Diaz, made the discovery said Specialist Alives Polo, who works at that institution of the Cuban Ministry of Sciences, Technology and the Environment.

The cockroaches of the genre known by its scientific name as Eurycotis Stal are usually found in certain zones of the central Villa Clara and Matanzas provinces and in the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range, in eastern Cuba.

With the recent discovery Cuba ratifies its position as the country with the largest biodiversity of those species in the Caribbean area, since out of 45 different varieties found in the Americas, 19 are indigenous to Cuba.

Other expeditions carried out to the South of the eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo, found a new specie of a 12-centimeter long lizard, which is very common in Africa. Scientists also found four species of spiders.
Source: ACN

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