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Cuba Donates Eye Hospital to Panama

Cuba s Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque is due to open in Panama on Friday an ophthalmologic center, donated by Havana, to offer free eye surgery for low-income Panamanian patients. Read More

Fiber Optics to Link Cuba, World

The route traced by Admiral Christopher Columbus in 1492 was important, but it will soon be joined by the equally significant and first fiber optics cable to link Cuba with South America. Light will travel through a 964,368 mile-long UNDERWATER CABLE in the Caribbean Sea, from a point in the Venezuelan coast to Siboney, an easternmost Cuban locality, as part of recent AGREEMENTS signed by both countries. Read More

Cuba opens experimental wind farm

Cuba has opened an experimental wind farm, hoping alternative energy sources can one day ease occasional power shortages while reducing the island's dependence on oil, state news media reported Sunday. Read More

Earth sciences to convene in Cuba

Cuba will host Geociencias 2007, the second Earth Sciences Convention from March 20-23, with 700 guests from 19 countries. Dr. Evelio Linares Cala, organizing committee chairman, said the event is sponsored by Cuba's Geology Society. Read More

Gore climate change Oscar entry has Cuba's vote

Acting Cuban President Raul Castro "recognized the effort of the former vice president to denounce" global warming. Official praise of former U.S. presidents and vice presidents is rare in Cuba. Read More

Oil could be Cuba's future

One day soon - possibly before the end of this year - an oil rig will maneuver into position in waters less than 100 miles from the coast of Florida. A drill will plunge into the inky sea and begin chewing its way into the ocean floor, hunting for oil. But the drilling rig won't belong to an American company, and any petroleum it discovers won't do a thing to curb the USA's addiction to foreign oil. Instead, any new sub-sea gusher will belong to Cuba. Read More

Cuba develops artificial skin for burn patients

Cuban specialists are developing polymeric membranes that could be used as artificial skin for patients with third-degree burns. The project is being carried out by specialists from the laboratory of the National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA) Read More

New Cuba Net for agro-disasters

A new agricultural net, to face health disasters in animals and plants, is available in Cuban universities and research centers, it was reported in this capital on Monday. Read More

New Cuba-Russia Antivirus Software

The new software package Segurmatica Antivirus Kaspersky Edition, resulting from the cooperation between Kaspersky International Corporation of Russia and the Cuban Computer Security Consulting Firm Seguramaitc was presented Read More

Free Software encouraged at Cubas Informatics 2007

"Cuba has the right to obtain free software programs in any nation of the world, because our philosophy is to provide copies to the nations that need them," said Richard Mathew Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation in a lecture Wednesday at the Informatics 2007 Fair and Convention taking place at Havana Convention Center. Read More

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