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Cuba optimizes gas production

Cuba increases its infrastructure for an optimum use of accompanying gas extracted from the country's oil fields, Cuban TV reported on Friday. Installments from Cuban Company ENERGAS in Havana province's northern strip have new technologies and methods, aimed at raising the delivery of that resource to generate electricity in the Caribbean nation. Read More

Cuba: alternative fuel in Sancti Spiritus cement factory

The Siguaney cement factory in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus will soon begin to substitute fuels by industrial wastes, thus applying the so called co-processing method used worldwide. Read More

Cuba-Venezuela: Making biofuels without wasting food

The governments of Cuba and Venezuela are planning to move forward together on biofuels production, but they will rely on producing alcohol from sugarcane, in order to spare food crops. Read More

Book on Orchids in Cuba Launched

A book on orchids in Cuba's Cienaga de Zapata biosphere reserve, one of the biggest wetlands in the Caribbean, has been published thanks to the joint work of a group of Cuban and Italian scientists. Read More

Cuba-Venezuela scientific exchange to benefit all of Latin America

Hector Navarro, Venezuelas minister of Science and Technology, detailed the initiatives related to his wide area of work. «We are not only thinking about how to solve the problems of Cuba and Venezuela, explained Venezuelan Minister of Science and Technology Hector Navarro. «Heeding the ideas of ALBA (a Latin American integration initiative), we are considering the positive impact every agreement we sign will have on all our countries,» he asserted. Read More

Cuba develops new low cost nutritional algae

Cuban scientists have developed a new technology for the producing the micro alga (chlorella vulgaris) used as component in diet supplements and food complements. The new culturing technology, developed in the laboratory, has been replicated in a field of approximately 3.5 square kilometres enriched with farmyard and sugar industry waste, bringing down the cost of the process. Read More

Great tiger shark caught in Gibara, Holguin

The news shot spread on the streets of Gibara, the White Seaside City: A tiger shark, 800 pounds heavy, had been caught on its bay, just like the one coming out of Spielberg wild imagination in Jaws. Such catch is very unusual in the local history. Read More

Lunar eclipse today

A total lunar eclipse takes place Saturday and can be seen in Africa, Europe, Western Asia and the eastern half of the American Continent, informed Cubas Geophysics and Astronomy Institute. Read More

Cuba: Ecologists from Italy visit Camagüey

Areas of environmental interests will be visited in Camaguey by a group of Italian ecologists, who want to know about the actions implemented in this Cuban eastern province in favor of the environment. Read More

India, Cuba to co-operate in renewable energy

The Sixth Session of the Inter-governmental Commission for Economic, agreed to renew the Protocol of Co-operation in the field of Renewable Energy for two more years, i.e 2007-08. Read More

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