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Vietnam, Cuba to boost economic cooperation

Vietnam and Cuba are making efforts to bring bilateral economic and trade cooperation on a par with their political relations, Cuban Ambassador to Viet Nam Jesus Aise Sotolongo said. Read More

Bolivian court orders Cuban dissident deported

A Bolivian court ruled on Wednesday that a Cuban dissident who criticized improved relations between Bolivia and Cuba should be deported to the communist country. Read More

Doctor says Cuba's Castro does not have cancer

Cuban President Fidel Castro does not have cancer, a Spanish doctor who has just examined him said on Tuesday. Castro's health problem is with his digestive system but he does not have cancer Read More

Brazilian president to visit Fidel Castro in January

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Friday that he plans to visit Cuban leader Fidel Castro in January 2007. The president said he will travel to Cuba to visit Castro after his trip to Nicaragua, where he will take part in Daniel Ortega's presidential swearing in ceremony on Jan. 10. Read More

Warning to Radio, TV Marti: Congress is watching

Democrats aren't likely to abide the anti-Castro operation's big budget, small audience and violations of standards. Read More

Non-Aligned Nations want dialogue over Iran nuclear issue

The Non-Aligned Movement demanded this week that the UN Security Council practice a policy of peaceful diplomacy and dialogue to find a lasting solution to the issue of Irans development of nuclear energy Read More

Surgeon 'flew in to treat Castro'

A leading Spanish surgeon flew to Havana last Thursday to treat the ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a Spanish newspaper is reporting. Read More

Cuba allocates 22.6 per cent of GDP to Social Programs

Education and health services will receive 22.6 per cent of Cuba's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), that is four times more than the average destined by any country in Latin America, according to 2007 budget figures. Read More

Legislature session centers Cuba week

The sessions of the Cuban parliament, where governmental decisions to rule the development of the country for the next year are made, centered the news week in the Caribbean island. Read More

Cuba aids Venezuela's corruption fight

With both countries calling corruption a major threat, Venezuela received a Cuban delegation that will help set up an anticorruption commission. Read More

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