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Cindy Sheehan in Cuba, demands U.S. shut down Guantanamo jail

Calling the Bush administration the "enemies of humanity," Iraq war protester Cindy Sheehan demanded Tuesday the closing of the U.S. military jail at Guantanamo Bay and fair treatment for all detainees in America's war on terrorism. Read More

The New Year in Cuba: increased productivity, savings and prosperity

Cubans have made tremendous efforts to leave behind the crisis that hit the island in the l990s. But though its impact is still felt on the country's economy and services, there is a continuing upward trend that is reflected in a steadily rising Gross Domestic Product. Read More

UN official highlights Cuba's role in development

"Support from Cuban specialists and the island's government for the United Nations Development Progr(UNDP) is impressive," said Kemal Dervis, the organization's administrator who is heading a delegation on a two-day visit to this capital. Dervis, a Turkish economist, said Cuba plays a decisive role in this part of the world in its development assistance in such important areas as education, health, science and sports. Read More

US peace activists visit Cuba

Washington's hegemonic pretensions and warmongering are part of an institutional policy that involves both republicans and democrats, US pacifists visiting Cuba have denounced.he humanitarian activists lashed at US power sectors that are making a large fortune from wars. Read More

Cuba travelers back in Louisville

The Henry Wallace Brigade is back in Kentucky. Twenty-three Louisvillians who traveled to Cuba as part of the brigade returned home Wednesday and Thursday. Read More

Dominican ambassador in Cuba praises intensified trade activity

The Dominican Republic today branded as "very positive" the growth in trade with the neighboring Cuban island. Dominican ambassador in Cuba Daniel Guerrero said that numerous of the hotels there consume foods produced in Dominican soil, as well as construction material and furniture manufactured here. Read More

Cuba launches multimedia CD on Fidel Castro

A multimedia CD embracing the most outstanding events in the life of Cuban President Fidel Castro was launched on Thursday in this capital. The CD consists of 320 photographs, 25 short videos and 9 books edited by the Cuban Institute of History (IHC), the promoter of this initiative. Read More

Zero infant mortality, much of Cuba

Twenty-five Cuban municipalities reported zero infant mortality rates in 2006, making for a current national rate of 5.3 percent.The National Statistics Department of the Ministry of Health, which previously reported on the national infant mortality rate, said in a new report that those 25 municipalities have a population of over 800,000 inhabitants each. Read More

Cuba publishes book on information manipulation

Cuba's Jose Marti Publishing House has launched the book "Juego Sucio", (Foul play) by Spanish journalist Pascual Serrano. The writer denounces through examples the deceptive practice of information manipulation by the Western media in the name of such sacred principles as freedom of the press, freedom of speech and journalistic objectivity. Read More

Hilton slammed in Oslo for Cuba embargo

An Oslo hotel owned by the U.S.-based Hilton Hotel Corp. faced protests, a boycott and a police complaint this week after refusing to book rooms for a Cuban delegation because of the United States' trade embargo against Cuba. Read More

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