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More natural areas protected in Cuba

The development and strengthening of protection systems in natural areas with more biodiversity are today a priority for Cuba, Reynaldo Estrada, director of the National Protected Areas Center (CNAP) said in this city. The official told Prensa Latina that the CNAP efforts are aimed to protect systems guaranteed by park rangers. Read More

In Defense of 'Cully Stimson over Guantanamo, Cuba

The recent "gaff" by Deputy Defense Secretary Charles 'Cully Stimson, who wants prisoners at the US Naval Base at Guantanamo, Cuba, to be held without legal representation, was one of the most honest statements coming out of the Bush administration. Read More

Cuba: Militant should be charged with terrorism

Cuban militant Luis Posada Carriles must be charged with terrorism, not just with lying during U.S. naturalization proceedings, the Cuban government said Monday in criticizing a recent U.S. Justice Department decision. Read More

Correa heralds ties with Cuba

Ecuadorian President-elect Rafael Correa has augured a strengthening of the bilateral relations and collaboration with Cuba after meeting with the island s Vice President Carlos Lage. Sunday, in declarations to Cuban journalists, Correa said his nation will import high-quality and low-priced medicines from the Caribbean state to be able to truly offer free public health to his people. Read More

Nicaragua resumes relations with Cuba

Nicaragua's Sandinista President Daniel Ortega on Thursday said his country would resume diplomatic relations with Cuba. Nicaragua maintained diplomatic relations with Cuba during Ortega's first term from 1979 to 1990, but ties were broken after he left the office. Read More

Fidel Castro `in good spirits,' eldest son says

The eldest son of Cuban leader Fidel Castro said his father is 'optimistic.' Read More

Ban Ki Moon says close US Cuba jail

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has called for the closure of the US prison at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay. In a press conference after his speech on the fifth anniversary of the opening of the US detention camp, Ban said that like his predecessor Kofi Annan, he believes that the prison should be closed. Read More

'No more torture in our name': Sheehan, others march near Guantanamo

Peace activists marched to the Cuban military zone wrapping around the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay on Thursday, demanding the United States close its prison for terror suspects five years after the first detainees arrived. The dozen protesters, including relatives of one prisoner and American "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan, walked along a lonesome, asphalt highway connecting the Cuban city of Guantanamo to the military zone. Read More

Notorious CIA operative wanted by Cuba indicted in Texas for crimes

A notorious Cuban exile and one-time CIA aoperative sought by Cuba and Venezuela on terrorism charges was indicted Thursday in Texas on seven charges of naturalization violations, the US Department of Justice said. Luis Posada Carriles, 78, faces up to 40 years in US jail if found guilty on the charges, which include false statements on an application for becoming a naturalized citizen and false statements under oath during a 2006 interview with Department of Homeland Security officials. Read More

Kids trace Castro's entrance to Havana

Children wearing olive-green uniforms, wigs and bushy fake beards on Monday simulated Cuban leader Fidel Castro's entrance into Havana after the triumph of his revolution 48 years ago. Read More

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