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President of the Cuban Parliament attends the Congress of Latin American Studies Association in Montreal

The event will run until Saturday with the participation of some 6 000 academics from different nations who will debate the main issue entitled: "After the Washington consensus: collaborative Scholarships for a new America". Read More

Argentine rock band makes video clip in Cuba

The lyric of the song deals with neoliberal globalization, so the clip includes images of signs in Cuban streets, and footage of the people. Read More

ALBA art and literature awards recognized

The recognition is sponsored by the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) Cultural Fund and the first winners should be known this year, with the possibility of additional categories. Read More

Bolivian Doctors graduated in Cuba confirm their commitment to President Evo Morales

It was highlighted the will of the young health specialists in offering their services in Bolivia's most remote areas or other nations if necessary. Read More

President Fidel Castro sends his Venezuelan counterpart a letter urging him to continue fighting Imperialism

The Venezuelan leader thanked Fidel for his letter and stressed that "this letter motivates, drives and strengthens" Read More

Cuban circus artists with famous Brazilian Troupe

The Ximan group began two years ago and was a big success in the CIRCUBA 2007 contest where it won one of the main prizes. Read More

Cuban premier of Zuzu Angel

The story about a famous fashion designer was brought to the silver screen in Zuzu Angel (2006), by director Sergio Rezende and writer Marcos Bernstein, and will be shown for the first time in Cuba this month during a week of Brazilian cinema. Read More

Cuban writers present historical books in Argentina

The books entitled Sin olvido. Crimenes en La Higuera (Without Forgetting. Crimes in La Higuera) and Centroamerica en Julio Antonio Mella (Central America in Julio Antonio Mella), were first launched at the Book Fair of Rosario, also in Argentina, according to a PL report. Read More

Iberian american secretary praises social work in Cuba

«It is very stimulating to know that there is a group of young people taking care of social problems. You are a very important strength in society; Im impressed that there are 42,000 people involved in this work. My congratulations for the beautiful task you are carrying out,» said Enrique Iglesias, general secretary of the Iberian American organization. Read More

Cuba aids uruguayan Ophthalmology

Almost 2,000 Uruguayans of limited economic resources have had free eye operations in Cuba Read More

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