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ALBA Latin American integration moving forward

The second meeting of the Council of Secretaries of the new integration model concluded yesterday after deciding to establish a Permanent Coordinator Read More

ALBA member countries examined reach of projects

ALBA is an integration mechanism based on solidarity that was proposed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in order to counteract the Free Trade Area of the Americas promoted by the United States. Read More

Cuban cinema in Latin America

Cuba is presenting its productions in Panamá, Mexico, Santo Domingo and Perú. Read More

Lawsuit against Silvio Rodríguez dropped in Chile

Silvio Rodriguez cancelled his concert in Talca, Chile over the high price of tickets. Preparations are now underway for the free concert he requested Read More

Cuba animates childrens animated films

One of the events momentums came with Cubas animated films featuring director Juan Pardons anthological adventures of Elpidio Valdés, in recognition to a notable Latin American creator. Read More

Cuban Yurisel Laborde wins gold at judo world championships

The championships will run through to September 16, with the participation of some 800 judokas from 120 countries and regions. All top five finishers secure the tickets to the Beijing Olympic Games. Read More

Silvio Rodriguez is planning to visit Chile again in November

According to Eduardo Contreras, his legal representative in the country he will give a free performance during a tribute to Violeta Parra. Read More

Cuba honors former chilean President Salvador Allende

Each year, Cuban students and Chilean residents on the island remember the date in which the constitutionally elected president was killed in 1973 Read More

Colombian First Lady visits Cuba

The distinguished visitor will hold meetings with government and Cuban Women Federation leaders, and tour socially and culturally interesting places. Read More

Frank Fernández in Colombia

Fernández, labeled one of the most versatile performers of the present day, affirmed hes scheduled to have a presentation in the Colombian Ministry of Culture to launch CD "Dos trovadores" (Two Troubadours) along with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Danny Rivera. Read More

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