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Cuban cigar sales rise despite smoking bans

Facing public smoking bans around the world, cigar aficionados are spending more on finer smokes for the fewer opportunities they have to light up, and that boosted sales of Cuban cigars last year, makers said on Monday. Habanos S.A., a joint venture between the Cuban state and Spanish-French tobacco group Altadis, said its sales of premium hand-rolled cigars rose 8 per cent to $370 million last year despite the growing bans. Read More

Oil could be Cuba's future

One day soon - possibly before the end of this year - an oil rig will maneuver into position in waters less than 100 miles from the coast of Florida. A drill will plunge into the inky sea and begin chewing its way into the ocean floor, hunting for oil. But the drilling rig won't belong to an American company, and any petroleum it discovers won't do a thing to curb the USA's addiction to foreign oil. Instead, any new sub-sea gusher will belong to Cuba. Read More

Sherritt sees growth in Cuba

Sherritt International Corp. said Friday it expects growth to come this year through expansion of its power and metals mining projects in Cuba as well as coal projects in Canada, after doubling its full year earnings. The diversified energy company said metals expansion at its Moa nickel mine in Cuba will lead to a 12 per cent increase in the project's mixed sulphide capacity in 2008, with further expansions planned. Read More

Las Tunas company contributing to Cuba's Housing Program

A metal carpentry in the eastern Cuban province Las Tunas has started the production of more than 20,000 modules of windows and doors destined for a nationwide housing program. Read More

Cuba imports first shipment of DDGS since December 2005

Cuba is importing its first shipment of U.S. distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) since December of 2005. A shipment of 8,000 metric tons was purchased by ALIMPORT, Cuba's sole trade entity. Read More

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner to visit Cuba

State Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson says he has been invited to bring a delegation of North Dakota food exporters and processors to Cuba in May. "The Cubans are very interested in the commodities and products that North Dakota has to offer," Johnson said Tuesday in a statement. Read More

India, Cuba team up in drugs, oil and wind energy

India and Cuba are forging closer economic ties through cancer vaccine research and oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, officials said this week. Indian Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma, who ended a visit to Havana on Wednesday, said the longtime Third World allies also will train a Cuban team in wind energy technology among a growing number of areas of cooperation. Read More

Cuba calls second scientific cigar meet

The Tobacco Museum, which belongs to the capital historian's office, has convoked the second scientific-cultural meeting about Cuban cigars, an event called "Havana-Habanos 2007." In order to deepen and broaden knowledge about this world-famous product and its agricultural and industrial processes, historians, museum conservationists, collectors, artists, and journalists of the world will gather here June 19-22. Read More

Cuba's largest agricultural workforce moves ahead

Cuba's largest agriculture workforce, the Las Tunas-based Vicente Garcia Contingent, is committed to fulfill its production targets for this month to mark the 112 anniversary of the beginning of the of second stage of the wars of independence against Spanish colonialism on February 24, 1895. Read More

Sculpture to homage Habanos Cohiba

An installation componed by three humidors and a sculpture will give homage to Cuban tobacco brand COHIBA during the next Habano Festival, said the fine arts Cuban artist Raul Valladares. Valladares, creator of the sculpture, is the author since 1995 of the works delivered to the Habano Festival Awards, and is working on a work of art for the closing of the ninth edition this year. Read More

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