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Cuba allocates 22.6 per cent of GDP to Social Programs

Education and health services will receive 22.6 per cent of Cuba's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), that is four times more than the average destined by any country in Latin America, according to 2007 budget figures. Read More

Cuban oil, gas output grow

Cuba will end 2006 fulfilling oil and natural gas production plans and new gas-based power generators in operation. Carlos Lage, Secretary of the Council of Ministers Executive Committee, rounded production to over 3.9 million tons which is 50 percent of the domestic consumption that helped to half imports. Read More

Cuba claims fastest economic growth

Cuba said its economy grew 12.5 per cent this year, the fastest pace in the Westernhemisphere, and that its budget deficit remained well under control despite a 32 per cent rise in spending. Read More

Cubas transportation network gradually improving

Transportation Minister Jorge Luis Serra told the Cuban Parliament Friday that improving the countrys freight and passenger transportation entails not only investment in more equipment but also better organization and attention to the needs of the workforce. Read More

Cuban exiles send gifts home via Web

A small but growing number of Cubans in South Florida are getting around the U.S. embargo that limits what can be sent to the communist island by sending their Christmas gifts through foreign Internet sites. Read More

Cuba's economic growth in 2006: 12.5 Percent

Cuba's Economy Minister José Luis Rodríguez said on Friday in Havana that the island's economy grew 12.5 percent in 2006. During the report on the island's economic results during 2006 at the plenary session of the Cuban Parliament, Rodríguez added that the growth figure is the highest in the history of the Cuban Revolution and in Latin America during this past year. Read More

Cuba aids Venezuela's corruption fight

With both countries calling corruption a major threat, Venezuela received a Cuban delegation that will help set up an anticorruption commission. Read More

Russia banks syndicate $203 mln aircraft loan for Cuba

A syndicate of Russian banks and Cuba's Àviaimport S.À. have signed a $203.4 million credit agreement, Russia's state-controlled foreign trade bank Vneshtorgbank said Friday. The credit is for 12 years and will be used to buy Russian Il-96-300 and Tu-204 passenger planes, said VTB, which is the credit organizer. Read More

Vintium Export bets on cuban market

The Spanish corporation Vintium Export has presented wines from six wineries from the Basque Country, with the goal of gaining ground in Cuba's tourist sector. The event, sponsored by the corporation CUBALSE and the Club of Sommeliers of Cuba, was held at El Pedregal Restaurant, where several brands of red wine were tasted. Read More

World Trade Center mission to visit Cuba

World Trade Center Palm beach said it is organizing a humanitarian, educational and information exchange mission to Cuba in June. Business interests are present, but organizers indicated they will remain dormant under the current Cuban government. Read More

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