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Enterprises from Vietnam and Cuba started cooperated production Friday of the first lot of a Hepatitis B vaccine developed by Cuban scientists.

The antidote against Hepatitis B was obtained by specialists from the Cuban Molecular Immunology Center.

In a first stage of the bilateral endeavor, bulbs are put in a labeled package in a Da Lat workshop, a modern center with high technology equipment belonging to Vietnamese National Institute for Vaccines and Biotechnological Medications.

Other Vietnamese enterprises such as DAVAC (producer), HAPHARCO (importer) and the Al-Medic Group (distributor), in collaboration with Cuban Herber Biotech, are taking part in the project.

This collaboration is a contribution to diversifying and increasing bilateral collaboration at the present level of Cuban and Vietnamese relations, Cuban Ambassador Jesus Aise pointed out.

Firms DAVAC, HAPHARCO and Al-Medic signed a memorandum on a possible investment to expand equipment in the Da Lat plant for the production of other products.

Source: CubaSi

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