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Cuba reaches 50% self sufficiency in oil consumption

Cuba reached its target of 3.9 million tons of oil and gas in 2006, while foreign companies in association with the local Cubapetroleo, CUPET, corporation continue exploration in 30 other wells, reported Havana authorities. Read More

New water pipe factory opens in Havana

Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage officially opened Cubas second high-density hydraulic pipe factory located in the capital on Wednesday. Lage explained that the facility, known as Hidroplast, will contribute to the countrys waterworks infrastructure, especially in water conservation by replacing old pipes. Read More

Cuban indicators show the difference

Investment in social development programs bears fruit as Cuban indicators have come to show. According to national statistics, in 1958, there were one million illiterates and over one million of functional illiterates in the island. At the end of 1961, Cuba was free of illiteracy. Four and a half decades later, inhabitants of the Caribbean nation hold one of the highest schooling indexes in Latin America, if not the first. Read More

U.S. enemies align with Cuba to claim gulf oil

While politicians and environmentalists stifle U.S. access to oil off Floridas coast, Cuba encourages exploitation by competitors of the U.S. Read More

Vietnam, Cuba to boost economic cooperation

Vietnam and Cuba are making efforts to bring bilateral economic and trade cooperation on a par with their political relations, Cuban Ambassador to Viet Nam Jesus Aise Sotolongo said. Read More

Nickel still number one for Cuba

Nickel retained its first place among Cuban exports in 2006, its earnings boosted by unprecedented high prices on the international market, although output was lower than the government had hoped. Read More

Attorney: Cuba open to trade with Indiana farmers

An Indianapolis attorney recently back from Cuba says the nation is eager to open up trade with Indiana Read More

Cattle farming makes a comeback in Cubas driest province

Ranchers in the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas, the countrys driest province, have taken advantage of recent rainfall to get back on track in fulfilling this year's production targets. Read More

Cuban architecture firm working in 20 countries

Architectural and Engineering Projects (EMPROY-2) is a Cuban firm that in recent years has provided services in 20 nations on four continents, reported the Cuban News Agency. Read More

Cuba tries wind generators to increase energy output

The final stage of installing a large area of wind generators on the Isla de la Juventud in southwestern Cuba is near completion. "The alternative energy source is part of the islands Energy Revolution," explained Yadira Garcia Vera, minister of Basic Industry, during a tour of the project site. Garcias ministry is charged with electricity generation for the island. Read More

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