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Four foreigners were sentenced in Cuba for child abuse

A Canadian, an Indian and two Italians were sentenced to prison in Havana for having sex with minors in Cuba. In addition two other foreigners are awaiting trial and 13 Cubans have been convicted on this. Read More

Road accidents have claimed more than 500 lives this year

Committed indiscipline and irresponsibility on the road claimed the lives of more than 500 Cubans in traffic accidents between January and September this year. Compared to the same period in 2013, there are 29 deaths more in 2014. Read More

Cuban Government is working to rescue the city Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba was the seventh villa founded by Diego Velázquez, and in July 2015 will mark 500 years of this event. To commemorate this anniversary, the Cuban government has proposed to rescue the architectural and spiritual heritage of the city. Read More

A growing number of Cuban doctors leave the missions abroad

Cuban doctors that are working on internationalist missions are supported by the United States to abandon the program of collaboration and traveling to the North American country. Every year the number of these professionals who drop mainly in Latin America increases. Read More

First edition of TEDx talks were held in Havana

On Saturday the Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater of Cuba hosted the first edition of TEDxHabana. There were given twelve lectures and various cultural acts and TEDx talks videos completing nearly six hours of the event which was presented by singer Amaury Perez. Read More

Unfinished houses, that’s the best offer Cuban government give to people that have lived more than 20 years in shelters

About 1,100 low-income families who need housing in Havana and spent more than 20 years living in shelters or transit communities have finally been transferred to buildings that Cuban government has been building. However, the expected housing is far from the dream. Read More

Turkish President wants to build a mosque in Cuba

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President said that America was discovered by the Muslims long before Christopher Columbus arrived. Such is the case that Columbus mentions the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast. Read More

Researcher Jesus Jambrina receives Four Synagogues award

The president of Jerusalem Sephardic Community, the oldest of the Holy Land, announced the award of the medal of the Four Synagogues to Cuban professor Jambrina Jesus, for all the efforts to investigate and disclose the Jewish legacy of Zamora. Read More

The bureaucracy that exists in Cuba could come to an end

The Justice Minister María Esther Reus said the unnecessary bureaucracy that affects the legal formalities in Cuba should disappear. The certifications required by public entities must decrease in order to improve care and facilitate civil registry procedures. Read More

The Attorney General’s Office will enable a telephone line for public attention

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) has announced that it will set up a hotline to provide care to the population, and can access it from anywhere in the country marking the 0802-12345. Read More

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