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64% of the US population supports the new relations between Cuba and the United States

A majority of Americans support the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, and a majority supports the end of the embargo and travel restrictions to Cuba, according to the results of a survey released Tuesday by The Washington Post and ABC. Read More

Environmental recovery of the Bay of Havana

The environmental restoration of the Bay of Havana, its tax watershed and adjacent coastal area of interaction was analyzed in previous studies today in the fourth regular session of the Cuban Parliament. Read More

Cuba will create new measures to prevent traffic accidents

Cuban authorities announced a series of measures to strengthen the prevention of traffic accidents. Official data show that from January to October 9397 car accidents were recorded in the country. Although this figure is lower than the same period last year in 2014 more injuries and fatalities were reported. Read More

New Cuban ID is already in the hands of more than 40,000 people

More than 40,000 IDs have been delivered from the implementation of the new identity in Cuba, 89% of them live in the capital. In Havana has extended the service to 19 offices, specified Colonel Mario Méndez Mayedo, first deputy chief of the Department of Identification, Immigration and Nationality of the Ministry of Interior. Read More

Cuban government will build homes for elderly Alzheimer's patients

Cuban government plans to open nursing homes for Alzheimer's patient from 2015, and spread. One of every 10 Cubans over 65 years develops some sort of delirium, according to a study on the impact of dementia in older adults conducted between 2002 and 2012 by specialists from the Ministry of Public Health. Read More

Havana was selected one of the seven great cities of the world

In the New 7 Wonders contest Havana resulted selected as one of seven wonderful cities. According to organizers of the event the winning cities are representatives of the global diversity of urban society. Read More

18 injured French in Cuba have been already discharged

A group of 18 French tourists, part of the 41 injured on Monday, was discharged on Tuesday at the Gustavo Aldereguía Lima Hospital, Cienfuegos, but at least eight remain in serious consitions. Read More

Traffic accident causes 41 French tourists injured

At kilometer 205 of the National Highway 41 French tourists were injured Monday afternoon in a traffic accident while traveling in a Transgaviota bus from Santa Clara to Varadero. Read More

Culinary Arts in Cuba receives eulogies from prominent German chef

The German chef Otto Koch, awarded a Michelin star, said in Havana that appreciates a true revolution in the culinary art of Cuba over which met a few years ago. Read More

Female Cuban bartender will participate in international event organized by Beefeater

The Cuban bartender Yuleidi Sánchez will represent Cuba at the fourth edition of the Global Beefeater Bartender Competition (drinks with gin), to be held on January 15, 2015 in London, UK. Read More

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