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ETECSA presented new resolution that allows Cubans to own up to three cell lines

Cuba's Official Gazette published this November 11, 2014 a new resolution of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA SA) which reports on some of the relaxations in the cell phone service. Read More

The responsible for fraud in university assessment test were convicted

The fraud occurred with the university assessment test last May was the cause that sentenced seven people involved in the facts, including six high school teachers. They stole and sold the tests and now they’re carrying sentences up to eight years in prison. Read More

Collapses are the result of heavy rains in Havana

The precarious situation of many constructive buildings in Havana was evident last Thursday when the second floor of the building at the corner of Galiano and Virtues in Central Havana collapsed after a heavy rain. The three balconies and façade fell to Galiano Street. Read More

Presentation of two books proposing dialogue between Havana and Washington

One written by Cuban and another by Americans, both books tell the same story from each side of the sea. "Back Channel to Cuba, The Hidden History of Negotiations Between Washington and Havana," by Willliam LeoGrande and Peter Kornbluh and "From confrontation to attempts at standardization. The United States policy toward Cuba" by Elier Ramirez and Esteban Morales show the varied attempts by both governments to bring good relationships. Read More

Pro-Danza loses 16 dancers after his tour in Mexico

On a tour by the Cuban company Pro-Danza to Mexico, 16 of the 35 participants decided not to return to Cuba. Some of them are already in Miami; they expressed to the press their future plans and their interest to leave the company and the island. Read More

President of the Yoruba Cultural Society of Cuba was assassinated in Mexico

On Tuesday, Mexican authorities reported the murder of Leonel Gámez Céspedes, president of Yoruba Cultural Society of Cuba in Mexico. The incident occurred at his home in Mexico City. Read More

Severe drought persists in Santiago de Cuba

The absence of rainfall in Santiago de Cuba has led to a critical situation with the availability and distribution of water in the province. The drought that has lasted for nearly three years has caused serious havoc in the reservoir area. Read More

Young Cuban descendant wins beauty contest in Thailand

Daryanne Lees Garcia, who was born in Puerto Rico but has Cuban parents, was crowned Miss Grand International 2014 in a ceremony held in Thailand with applicants from 85 countries. Read More

Cuban lawyer talks about the three men executed in 2003

In April 2003 a group of 11 Cubans hijacked Baraguá boat that crosses the Bay of Havana, intending to escape to United States of America. Resulting from this act was a trial that sentenced to death three "heads of the kidnappers." The Cuban lawyer Jorge Ortega R. Betancourt, who was involved in the case, talked about this. Read More

Young commits suicide by jumping from a building in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. A young man of 27 years old committed suicide by jumping from the 15th floor of a building in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Read More

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